About Us

Our local Moroccan Operator Specialists in Moroccan desert excursions, trekking, and all other tours from all over Morocco and to all the Moroccan destinations. We’re an experienced and responsive team at the service of travelers born out of a desire to discover southern Morocco and the Moroccan desert through the Draa Valley, its culture, and nomadic traditions in an authentic way.

For a long time our local authentic travel agency “Moroccan destinations” has specialized in hiking, camel trekking, and tours in the Moroccan Sahara. Our qualified team speaks French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and German.

How you will be welcomed in Morocco?

“Marhaba! The entire word is used to welcome you to Morocco to discover its beauty from north to south and from west to east. We are at your disposal for your journey through the Moroccan desert. A brief review about us: We greet you with warmth and (genuine!) simplicity, we are attentive to our guests and will arrange for you an unforgettable stay, an exceptional adventure. We hope to welcome you back one day…”

Why choose Moroccan destinations? 

Our appreciated experience has enriched our travel vision and allowed us to offer every traveler a quality stay and a comfortable tour. Born in the desert, immersed in the nomadic culture, and made up of international travel agents, the team at Moroccan Destinations is authentic and friendly.

Our Aim

We’re working hard to help you reach all the Moroccan destinations and deep into the Moroccan culture. We’re offering great services to allow you to live an unforgettable experience in Morocco. Our passion for travel leads us to dream of being the number-one travel agency all over Morocco. We believe that a great travel guide and smooth itinerary tour help the visitor to avoid problems and culture shocks, and also, allow him to have a comfortable stay in Morocco.